Whats is programming?


Programming is the translation of our ideas into reality by computer, it requires knowledge in addition to the intelligence of the person, it is the process of taking an algorithm and coding it into a programming language code so that it can be implemented by a computer. There are many programming languages and many different computer types, but the first important step is the need for a solution. Without an algorithm, there can be no program. Programming is the way we create a representation of our solutions. Therefore, language representation and the process of creating it becomes an essential part of the discipline.

Everybody should learn how to program a computer
because it teaches you how to think

What does a computer programmer do?

A computer programmer is a different profession. He does not need to obtain a license or pass any standardized certification tests in order to call himself a “programmer” or even a “software engineer”. However, representing itself as a “professional software engineer” without a license from an accredited organization is illegal in many parts of the world. The computer programmer determines the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of the computer software. The purpose of programming is to create a program that produces a certain desired behavior. Source code writing often requires expertise on many different topics, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms, and formal logic. The programmer needs to be open to all fields in order to be able to program something, It is not easy and not only difficult, only he has to be patient.

Essential skills that every programmer should know

  • Version control ( git )
  • Database ( Oracle – SQL )
  • Command-line ( command prompt )
  • Unit-testing
  • Learn Multiple languages ( JavaScript, Java, Python, Php … )


In the end, without coding, computers will be completely useless as they will not work alone. This is because the source code is a set of instructions that tells your computer what to do. Computers have no free will, so without routing, they are just sophisticated metal parts.