Best Front-End Frameworks 2019

The choice of a JavaScript frame always depends on the project-specific requirements. We will provide a list of the best front frames based on the personal experience of the developer community.

Let’s highlight these first three frameworks and libraries: 


Developers love React for these features:

  • Component-based architecture.
  • An elegant style of programming and declarative views that help to produce a clear and maintainable code.
  • Rapid performance due to one-way data binding which makes manipulating with the virtual DOM faster.
  • Effective event handling.
  • JSX – a markup syntax that keeps writing components uncomplicated.
  • Adoption and popularization of a functional paradigm that eases the development and makes the management of application states more predictable.
  • SEO-friendliness.

Other Vue’s strengths are:

  • A component-oriented structure that encapsulates reusable code, gives flexibility and ensures easy scaling.  
  • Reactive mechanisms that help to keep the state object in full synchronization with the view and the DOM.
  • Solutions for mobile UI development.
  • The tiny size of the framework. It ships at only 18-21 KB.
  • Helps to keep the structure of a project simple.
  • Easy integration into JavaScript applications.

Features for which you will love Angular are:

  • Component-based architecture that reminds of MVC but makes components reusable, encapsulates the code and make it more productive.
  • Two-way data binding that synchronizes the model with the view and removes the need to write excessive code.
  • Hierarchical dependency injection makes components reusable and easy to maintain.
  • Designed with the mobile-first approach.
  • Rapid performance. However, it highly depends on the quality of the code.
  • The template syntax that is easy to write and read.
  • Components that ensure easy unit-testing.
  • Active and large community.
  • Suitable for iterative development.

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